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Men Knitting in the UK

10 Jan

This piece from the Telegraph shows there’s a burgeoning men’s knitting movement in Britain. A yarn store with a 20% male clientele! It’s meditative, it appeals to geeks, it’s mathematical, and it’s for guys who are confident in their masculinity. All good messages.

Man Made at the Dowse

24 Oct


As part of their exhibition of male textile artists, Man Made, the Dowse Art Gallery in Lower Hutt has invited me and any keen male knitters to come along to a knitting circle in the gallery itself, on Sunday November 24th, 1–3 pm. Any chaps who are interested can come along and learn to cast on. There’ll be some more-experienced knitting guys there to help out, as well as snacks. Here’s more information; pick up some nice yarn at Holland Road on your way and get a 10% discount.

Blokes Knitting on Campbell Live

20 Oct

At the last Knitting For Blokes session, we had a camera crew, and appeared the next night on Campbell Live! I was really pleased with the tone they took – none of the “look at the bizarre men” you sometimes get. It was pretty exhausting, running round helping lots of beginners cast on and answering questions under the hot lights, so I don’t look my freshest. Big ups to the Make Café for hosting and coordinating everything – I hope they get plenty of publicity out of it.


Real Kiwi Men Knit

26 Sep

The Christchurch Press on 25 Sept had a nice story about me and the Make Café classes. Although they misattributed a quote, and at first claimed, in the headline, that knitting was “not just about picking up chicks”, I liked the photo.

Me on the verandahThe next day I was on the radio explaining why chaps should be allowed to knit hats if they want to: ten minute audio here. And now I’m told a TV crew is coming next week to film real live men actually knitting.

Knitting for Blokes at the Make Café, Christchurch

25 Sep

KFBC LogoI’m running knitting classes at Make, a cool craft store/cafe/teaching space in Riccarton.

Guys are welcome to come along for one or more sessions—if you sign up for three, you get a starter kit with yarn needles, needle gauge, and other goodies.

You’ll learn to knit a dishcloth, hats, scarves, a dinky iPhone sock, and how to make cable needles out of No. 8 wire. Alumni will be entitled to join the completely-meaningless League of Knitting Gentlemen on Ravelry.

  • 7:00–9:00 pm, Thursdays, 12 Sept–10 Oct 2013
  • The Make Cafe, 355 Riccarton Rd, Christchurch
  • +64 (3) 348 6187
  • $10 a session: Sign up here

Here’s the schedule with materials needed/supplied.

Man Made at Holland Road Yarn Store, Petone

25 Aug

Man-Made-logo_largeI was staying in the Hutt Valley recently for a month, and asked Tash Barneveld at the Holland Road Yarn Store if there was a knitting group for men anywhere. There wasn’t, so we ended up launching Man Made, six evening sessions for men who wanted to learn to knit.

Here’s the programme, and Tash’s initial blog post:

We got quite a bit of publicity: a cover story in the Hutt Valley News, pieces in the Dom Post and Fishhead.

There were only 12 spaces, because that’s all the shop could hold, and they sold out in a few days. Half the guys paid extra to do all six sessions (we charged $10 an evening). The attendees were just from the Hutt; if we’d run it in Wellington city we could have gotten twice the numbers easily.