I’m still not quite sure why I started knitting. Perhaps it was when I complained on Facebook that I had nobody to knit me socks, and somebody pointed out I had a perfectly good pair of arms. I like to make things: I draw, and cook, and grow veges, so knitting seemed much the same thing. With the help of Debbie Stoller’s Stitch and Bitch, I taught myself basic knit and purl, bought a huge stash of used needles on TradeMe, and got started on a scarf just in time for the first of the Christchurch earthquakes. Knitting a long scarf is very good for one’s mental health.

Every time I went to a knitting group, though, I was the only man there. There must be other blokes who knitted, or wanted to learn, but they were underground or kept it quiet. New Zealand is a pretty macho society, with clear ideas of what’s acceptable and not acceptable male behaviour; knitting is the latter. I ended up running knitting classes at a local yarn store, and there a huge amount of interest, both from the media and from guys wanting to sign up. So I started Knitting For Blokes—this website, and soon, I hope, a book, for blokes who would love to make a hat but don’t know how.

Me, at the Holland Road Yarn Store (Photo by Tash Barneveld)

Me, at the Holland Road Yarn Store (Photo by Tash Barneveld)

Mike Dickison
adzebill on Ravelry



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